NCDs: Find out what it means?


What is the fuss about?

Majority of the country could care…less.
A small parecentage might perk up and eventually lose interest.
And a fraction of that small percentage will be attentive.

But what’s the fuss about?

The fuss is about NCD.

Ever heard of it?

What is NCD?

Where is NCD?

Who is NCD?

When is NCD?

NCD is yesterday’s, today’s, and forever’s topic.

NCD is the acronym for noncommunicable diseases consisting of:

– heart attacks and strokes
– cancers
– diabetes
– chronic respiratory disease

Is it just me, but, wouldn’t you say there’s been an increased attention concerning these often preventable disease?

I can’t recall twenty years ago any mention of how apparent any of theses diseases were.

Could it have been because as a teenager I was so self-centered I could’ve cared less? Possibly

Could it be, since I’m around that “midlife crisis” age health is a more valuable commodity? Absolutely

Could it be, technologically speaking, we’ve come so far in the past 2 decades, awareness has advanced? Why not!

For whatever reason, you have to make note of these and any other preventable disease. However,
less 5 years ago I would’ve thrown down some of the best – not healthiest – dishes that made my tummy full of yummy!

At a womping 310 lbs, anything I saw I ate. I had to keep the weight on if I wanted to continue as an athlete. I tried anything,
at least once. And if ever I came across the biggest anything, like Cheeburger Cheeburger’s famous “The Pounder, a huge 20 ounces of monster burger, I was on it, all you can eat buffets or whatever.

Sadly or triumphantly, whomever the reader may be, this was an easy feat. I packed on some serious needed weight to look large, although unhealthy. 

But, after I played my last game I couldn’t stop the deliriously large portions. I worked out, despite the agony of joint pains after playing 17 years.

So, I admantly focused on my meal selections. Needless to say, like many folks around the globe, I realized how destructive my habits were.

Further research on my end, showed a grimming statistic of about 63% of deaths in the world today are a result from noncommunicable diseases. Killing 9 million people under

Why? To put it simple, an unhealthy diet. A bad eating lifestyle is one of the major risk factors for chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and others linked to obesity.

So, what can YOU do about it? Is it a simple change?

I would have to answer the latter question with it can be an easy fix, if you’re willing to change your habits and you have a goal. You must want to change. You must want to live a beautiful, healthy life. You must want to feel better.

What you can do is research. Nobody can blame anybody else for their own problems. From librarys, to the internet, iPads, your cellphone everybody has an equal amount of resources at their disposal.

Specific recommendations for a healthy start:

Eat more:

– fruits
– vegetables
– legumes
– nuts
– grains

Cut down:

– salt
– sugar
– fats

I can’t tell you exactly what you need, you’ll have to ask your primary care physician, in addition to a nutritionist. However, I will say this if you ask you will receive. If you seek, you will find. And if you keep on knocking, the door will be opened.

Here’s to your health.



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