Happy Holidays


With Christmas just four days away, I spent time reflecting on the of gift giving. I couldn’t come up with anything worthy of writing, at first. That could be because I was thinking to hard. Sometimes when we back up a bit and take a hindsight view we can find what the true meaning of gifts are for the holidays.

I spent the majority of today driving around a sixteen year old visionary, who understands the art of giving. You see, here’s a teenager who believes the world is YOUR canvas and it’s up to YOU to leave YOUR mark. To BE DIFFERENT BY DESIGN

With DBD, this young man was able to complete his first charity campaign by donating over 100 pairs of shoes. He was completely amazed by the response and support.

The gift of giving: Make it Valuable. Make it Memorable. Make it Different.


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Guided by the primary principle People First. Likewise, motivated by 5 Core Values: Quality, Trust, Integrity, Changing Lives, & Giving Back.

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