Yesterday, I layed out:

•problems with EXCESSIVE abdominal fat

two kinds of abdominal fat


And of course my blog was based on highly notable experts in the field of fitness.

However, I did leave out one detail –  the problem with losing weight is most people fail to understand the concept of EATING LESS or HEALTHIER.

Once Upon A Time

Many moons ago, if I were served a plate with hearty starches, proteins, plus a cruciferous item, more than likely my plate returned two-thirds eaten.

Just like the majority of westernized  eating habits, I chose only to eat foods which perceived tasteful and I had previously eaten.

Unbeknownst to me, the delectable and savory scraps would enhance my menu selections after one bite.


Though the often sorted, thrown away, or “give it to the dog” stalky reject, broccoli is now a close ally of mine, and here’s why:

Broccoli is a SUPER food…One small serving of broccoli includes 225% of your daily value of Vitamin C, and 8% of your daily value of Calcium and Iron.

As I conclude this edition, and first week full of blogs, I peer over to the completely cleared plate that once clothed brown rice, chicken breasts, and two cups of broccoli.



Check out Snack Girl’s: Broccoli With Peanut Sauce Is For Everyone (Even The Broccoli Haters)



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