Today in the world of health and wellness, there was a division on a sensitive subject.

A subject often very touchy for some, terribly confusing to others, and a highly debated topic to experts.


After vast research and study, should breakfast still be the premiere or most important meal of the day?

Are suggestions and recommendations changing with new discoveries?

I would enjoy to read some thoughts and opinions from you.

(cross my fingers I get responses)


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  1. I think it is important. But I also think that saying it is the MOST important is like saying the left rear wheel is the most important wheel on your car. Without the others it is still not that valuable.

    I think it’s good to start the day off right, absolutely. And a healthy start is absolutely necessary to provide fuel for the day

    • I agree Joe, breakfast is an essential deliverer for fuel to start your day. Especially, if you’re like me, a person that typically workouts out in the am.

      Now, I have had great workouts before the sunrises, however, right after I have to consume protein and carbs or I’m done or dung. lol

      Well, thanks for your comment. I’ve enjoyed your posts also.


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