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Like a Good Neighbor…

StateFarm is there with working internet.

I sang and sang and sang until my coworkers at the gym told me to shut up!

But, I was desperate. Time was running out. I set a schedule plan to address my public. I know the millions of readers across the globe were highly anticipating a riveting blog yesterday. Alas, I became a victim of piss poor services.

Even though, I have the ability and privilege to watch everycollege and NFL game over the weekend, my heart still ached because I could not type.

Blogging has become a savory hobby I picked up this year. Thanks to Mr. Blogger extraordinary Jeffrey Gitomer (free plug ARG!).

With his zany and kooky antics from North Philly, by way of New Jersey, he’s a guy I can see sitting at my office desk signing me a check for products and valuable services I provided.

Hailing from the inner city of one the hardest boroughs to grow up in, the South Bronx, taught me lessons I hold close to my bosom and recall during my trying times.

Thanks for the powers-that-be (God) and Mr. Gitomer, I can unleash who I really am.

Hold on! No! Stop it! I am not coming out the closet here. Just a side bar. In case, you thought that was where I was going.

I see that my time is quickly running. So, in conclusion I shall continue this fascinating topic that began by the @whonews or the World Health Organization on Twitter, concerning non-communicalbe diseases or NCD tomorrow.

In the meantime, stay put and be patient.