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You only have one chance.

There’s no reset button.

There’s no reboot option.

Perfect Circumstances

Imagine if we could save specific events, experiences, and teachings then press restart.  

The turnout would be you’re reborn with wisdom exponentially superior than the former version (Like Neo from the Matrix).

Which pill would you have chosen?

I would’ve, like Neo, taken the red pill. Simply put, I want to know the truth.

So, here I am. “Sitting” across from Morpheus, with two options.

Option 1: Continue life as I know it. Full of self-sabotaging distractions and  disappointments.

Option 2: Step back. Prioritize. Optimize. Monetize.

The choice is obvious.

I choose the red pill – option 2.

For that reason, I will resign, temporarily from posting blogs.

As the late Napoleon Hill stated, “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”.

There you have it.

For my followers, I look forward to reading your future blogs and having greater time to post comments.

Here’s to a healthy happiness!


Happy Birthday Madukes

Madukes and I

Dear Reader,

I’m looking forward to Thursday. For a couple reasons. One to spend time with individuals who entered in my life and made an impact on how I live. A family who is warm-hearted and genuinely caring. They remind me of my own family, I’ll be missing dearly in New York.

Second reason, more importantly,why I’m looking forward to this Thanksgiving is because my mother (or madukes to me) celebrates another birthday. She’s been a light in my life. I couldn’t receive the wonderful blessings I do now if she didn’t instill in me the characterisitcs of intergrity, humility, and responsibility. She preserved me long enough so I could experience the world on my own and make wise decisions.

Therefore, in 2011, I’m thankful for the memorable moments my mother, Alma, and I have shared. I’m thankful for her support, encouragement, discipline, guidance, and advice. I couldn’t be more proud to have her as my mom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wonderful delicacies of Thanksgiving