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Are you a novice exerciser who was, are, or have been suddenly consumed with overwhelming sore muscles during an enjoyable sleep?

Maybe, you’ve never experienced that, particularly. How about wake up the day after or a couple of days from a workout and have the greatest difficulty standing, walking, or sitting due to a great workout?

You know the kind

The workout when you left the gym and went straight home afterward, ran through your normal evening routine before bedtime, laid your head down feeling highly confident, fall into a deep sleep, go to roll over, and BAM!

You’re stiff. Swarmed with that achy feeling in your muscles. Newbies, typically, are surprised to this reaction and innocently question why are they experiencing this.

The weak hearted tend to raise the white flag and surrender quickly.

What they don’t know, this state of body shock, is the best litmus test for their level of being “in shape”, good pain tolerance, and intensity of workout.

Or in other words, small muscle tears that lead to a process where the body adapts and heals the injury, which, equals to you become stronger.

What’s The Deal describes
this familiar affect as DOMS or better known as Delay Onset Muscle Soreness:

Although it can be alarming for new exercisers, delayed onset muscle soreness is a normal response to unusual exertion and is part of an adaptation process that leads to greater stamina and strength as the muscles recover and build (hypertrophy).

Personally speaking, I embrace the soreness. I’ll admit I’m a radically, insane exerciser. Starting back in my earlier years at West Virginia. Though I wasn’t the strongest or fastest on the team, I was, should I admit, still in a category by myself. I enjoy the torturing, burning sensation that’s associated with training – especially concerning my lower body.

So, with the start of this week, I dialed up a workout with greater intensity then the previous four weeks. The irony is I only used three movements.

Boy o’ boy it was tough, but, I set a small goal to complete first, thereby, validating my efforts. Though mentally I had a larger number of rounds to achieve, by creating a strategy to get through half first, I ensured triumph was in reach.

End Result

Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is part and parcel of an exhaustive workout typical of that experienced at fitness bootcamp. There are however some methods which help reduce this soreness. In the following paragraphs we’ll explore two of these methods that sufferers have claimed reduces the severity.